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Fire Tornado
I had a try at making animations. They don't look bad.  Free to use in non-commercial works. Cheers.

Hmm it's a little slow, not sure what's the issue, the gif was set to no delay D: . Anyway, if you're making a game then you can probably set the speed manually depending on what platform you're using.
Monster City by DhaeUr
Monster City
A magical city inhabited by all kinds of monsters: humanoid lions, half scorpions, lamias, etc etc. I'm going to use this image in a game  mod I'm currently working on as an imagemap. This is inspired by mr Ishibashi Yosuke's artwork Audience to the Lion (獅子王への謁見)…
Vindur by DhaeUr
Hundred of thousands years ago a group of High Djinni were curious about the world and spread themselves to other realms. The ones that settled on Cyclonum became known as the Vindur. As time passed the elemental nature of the plane slowly transformed their whole being into what you can see here today.

The Vindur inhabit Cyclonum's Cloud Valley and Nimbus. They also call themself The Wind Walkers. They are very hospitable creatures that welcome any traveler that doesn't mean any harm to the Cyclonum or the Vindur themselves. They often trade magical gifts or items in exchange for anything that they didn't yet see with their own eyes (for example the red scarf you see on the image). The Vindar are immortal, they do not age upon reaching adulthood ( which is about 115 human years). Regardless of their age, every member of the tribe must undertake a rite which differ from individual to individual, if they succeed a tattoo is placed on their arms which proves that they've reached adulthood.

The Vindar can travel anywhere by "walking through the winds", the only requirement here is that there must be wind where they want to travel to. When attacked they cast teleport spell on their enemies sending them to many unpleasant places. When challenged they fight using a pair of electric hands (see the image), and create powerful cutting winds.

Virga by DhaeUr
Virgas are small cloud paraelementals. They are scavengers that clean Cyclonum's clouds of any dead paraelementals. Occasionaly they fall prey to other predators. They reproduce by dividing itself into 10 to 20 individuals. The young ones are abandoned by it parent and forced to rely on themselves.

Nidar by DhaeUr
Nidars are cloud paraelementals similar to jellyfish. They inhabit Thunder Forest and feed on air and mist while collecting electricity as a side effect of their life cycle. Any creature that touches them creates electrical discharge and thanks to that ability the Nidars are bred and protected by other elementals that feed on electricity living with them in symbiosis, much like ants and aphids.

Hello there fellow deviants! Um... I don't really like writing journals so to the point: I'm still alive, yes. I just moved from Poland to my mother in UK, and am now living in Wales (yayyy~). Now bad news: my parents are divorcing (boooo~). I'm still looking for a job here and while doing so will have probably more time to spare on drawing crazy stuff (yayyyy~). Life can be silly sometimes, like you got a candy and instead of nut flavoured one you get a coffee one (which I hate), or when you go for a walk and got mesmerised by cute asian chick (me loves some asian chicks) and then you suddenly step on dog poop (me hates bad dog poopings), right? No?


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Drawing is one of my favourite hobbies. I draw for as long as I can remember, but only recently took it more seriously. I love my little crazy creations even if I'm the only one with such feelings towards them. Looking back in my gallery reminds me of not being lazy when drawing and to put my 'whole' into it. That's why you can find some really old and poorly made works there. I usualy draw with pencil and then take the pic to Photoshop to cast some fabulous magic on it. I realise I'm not a very good artist at the moment, even so, one of my biggest dreams is to become one day a successful concept artist, and to finish as well as publish my own table top game.

My ar t has bursts of wildness and madness from time to time. Any constructive comments concerning my works are always very welcomed. I JUST LOVE READING COMMENTS.

Faves: Strawberries, Bananas, Lemon cakes, Mango, Red sweet Wines, Beautiful girls (especialy asians), Beautiful landscapes, fantasy creatures and monsters, creativity,
Unfaves: Screaming people, Liars, Cheaters, Charlatans,
Favourite characters: Monkey D. Luffy, Batman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Iron-man, Roronoa Zoro , Nico Robin, Goku & Vegeta, Broly, C 18, Riful of the West, South.
Characters I don't like: Inoue Orihime, Momo Hinamori, Haruno Sakura, Griffith,

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I want to invite you to see my latest artwork

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Check out Facebook  fanpage of it. There is a lot more of that stuff.

Hope you gonna like it

Cheers:D (Big Grin)
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